I'm a writer and an artist currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. I've spent about half my life here and half out in San Jose, California, where I was born. 

I'm (currently) a full-time ride share driver. If you found out about this site because you were one of my passengers--hello again! Welcome.

In the menu you'll see a variety of options. Currently, while the store is in progress, we're in view-only mode. However, you can use the "Contact Me" section to send me a message if you fell in love with a particular piece, or would like to commission your own piece of work.

Below are links to my social media sites. 

I will warn that I'm far left leaning, and do get political on social media and on my personal blog. I will not censor myself or attempt to show myself as anything other than who I am. I believe in living an honest, open life.