About Danielle Berggren

I was born in California and have bounced between the SF Bay Area and Kansas City, Missouri most of my life. Currently I reside in KCMO, but my husband and I have plans to move again soon.

I’ve been writing and making artwork as long as I can remember. Difficult situations, life events, and a continuing struggle with mental illness have made it hard to be consistent with the practice. Through work with psychiatrists and therapists, I’m finding a path toward a creative life that will be permanent and consistent. You can read more about that if you choose at my blog www.ahumaninprogress.com

I’m currently working on two short stories and a new novel, as well as honing my artistic abilities through digital and physical mediums. The website is finally coming together, and with it will come the ability to see current works in progress, purchase original works, prints, and request commissions.

I can also be found on Twitter @dbergwrites and on Instagram under the same handle.